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Contrary to what we see in the mainstream media today, Russian culture, from the very early days of the Americana experience – has been contributing to the creation and building of the North American nation.

IMG_9112Russians of all walks of life continue to contribute to the American continent well into the third century – culturally, historically, scientifically and socially through innovation, development and migration.

IMG_9114American multicultural exceptionalism, a unique national feature in itself, therefore helped create a hybrid people – 12th biggest minority group in the United States: the Russian-Americans.

Up to date, there have been various cultural centers and organizations established in metropolitan areas throughout the United States with high Russian-speaking populace, serving local Russian-speaking communities in social and cultural aspects of the population needs, but nothing on a national scale.IMG_7521

We at Magistrate of International Russian American Heritage Foundation have set forth a program of consolidation and network   building of this particular population demographic through the utilization of the internet, social networks, social media and organizational cooperation, emphasising on and creating an integrated, connected and assimilated national social platform to help preserve our literate Russian language, hybrid culture and finally our historical and social contibutions to the United States of America.IMG_8320

Founding members of MIRAH Foundation and the board of directors along with our network of partners nation-wide have come together to accomplish three major objectives through our Russian-American collective citizen’s will:

– Preservation of Russian language in the US

– Preservation of Russian culture and cultural belonging in the US

– Preservation of the Russian-American heritage and cultural significance in the US and abroad.

IMG_5657We strive to show and build awareness of our culture’s presence on the American continent through local, national and international community services; showcases of historical projects; cultural and social events; cultural and art displays; international humanities and humanitarian aid; business and cultural integration and cooperation; citizen diplomacy and various creations of legitimate social organizations, societies and clubs to further advance, and empower both cultures to benefit and enrich one another in various positive ways.

IMG_5833If this vision resonates with you – then join us, we are on a journey to show a different side of the story.

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