A Helping Hand

MIRAH Foundation has also had a humanitarian program for the embattled regions of Ukraine’s south-east region of Donbas.

Working with a network of International volunteers and in Donbas itself, where while the politicians and the people of arms are figuring out thier political quarrels, the local populations suffer from malnutrition, lack of medicine and hygiene due to normal government sutructures often being in the state of collapse.

Ever since the armed conflict began on 2014, we have been actively sending bimonthly boxes of humanitarian aid in form of dry foods, personal hygiene for the infants, the handicap and the elderly, as well as people in financial hardships while helplessly stuck in war zones and not able to move or change location of residence.

You may also visit our group on Facebook to see the latest reports on deliveries of this humanitarian aid received by the recipients, on the ground in Donbas – here